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Medical Hair Restoration

Medical Hair Restoration

Facial Enhancement

Rhinoplasty (Nose)
Rhinophyma Surgery (Nose)
Otoplasty (Ear)
Chin Augmentation
Cheek Augmentation

Facial Rejuvenation

Forehead or Brow Lifts
Eyelid Surgery
Face Lifts and Neck Lifts

Body Sculpting

Male Abdominoplasty
Body Sculpting
Male Breast Reduction


In this increasingly competitive and looks-conscious society, cosmetic surgery can offer patients a dramatic confidence boost. As public opinion becomes more accepting demand for cosmetic procedures continues to grow.

While each person pursues aesthetic enhancement for their own reasons, Barr Plastic Surgery clients repeatedly report that their surgical procedures have affected their lives in a very positive way. "There is a real movement now towards a focus on health and lifestyle that is all encompassing, well beyond the scope of just diet and exercise. People feel that they deserve to enjoy the increased confidence that aesthetic enhancement can provide."


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