Patient Reviews

We appreciate receiving feedback from all of our patients. At Barr Plastic Surgery, it is our priority to make your aesthetic goals a reality. Dr. Barr’s emphasis on each patient as a unique individual with a distinct set of appearance-related concerns has won him the respect, gratitude and praise of his surgical patients.

The below statements are authentic comments made by patients of Barr Plastic Surgery. These comments were received in the form of cards, emails, letters and survey responses to Dr. Barr and staff:

“Dr. Barr your genuine care and professionalism for all parties concerned has left me with nothing but the highest regards! Thank you again.”

“I cannot believe the fantastic job you’ve done. My outlook on life is so much better. My attitude has changed totally. I’m so happy. I showed all my family the work you did. They as well are quite impressed and happy for me.”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a fantastic Dr., and for giving our son the best of care.”

“I must take this special occasion to again praise you and your wonderful staff for being so kind and caring. Your help has given me a whole new personality, full of confidence and brought up my self-esteem. Thanks a million!”

The staff were VERY comforting as I was a little nervous this being my first time. There was nothing I did not like. I was “WOWED” and had a lot of questions before surgery, they were all answered correctly.

“Just a short note of thanks for what you have done for me. With your help I’ve already noticed a big change. I can stand up straight without feeling self conscious and best of all, I was able to find a dress for New Year’s Eve without difficulty!”

“Very professional in all aspects of my consulation, surgery and follow-up care.”

I liked the way I was cared for starting at the front desk until the time I left by every single person involved in the surgery. I cannot thank everyone enough! I can honestly say it was a pleasurable experience and knowing Dr. Barr’s reputation I didn’t even consider another physician. Not once did I feel like I was “just another surgery”. I felt like he was proud to do my surgery knowing the impact on my happiness. Thank you so much for the positive experience. I honestly don’t think I would feel the same way had I gone somewhere else.

“Thank you for your kindness and expert care. Keep up your good work – you have been an asset to the Sudbury Medical Community.”

“No words can really express the self-esteem you’ve brought to my life. Continue your fantastic work.”

I enjoyed the care and professionalism of Dr. Barr and the nurses at this place. You don’t get that kind of care at the hospitals. I have had surgeries in the past and have been extremely happy with all the results.

“I was very relaxed, well informed and satisfied with my consultation with Dr. Barr. I am very happy with my decision to have the surgery and very pleased with the outcome. Thank you once again!”

“They (re: medical and nursing staff) were so wonderful, could not have asked for better treatment and understanding. Excellent treatment from all. I would recommend Dr. Barr and his staff very highly.”

My surgery will have a life long positive impact.

I was treated with respect and everyone was nonjudgmental.

“I have gone to Barr Plastic Surgery several times over the years and all visits were very positive experiences…employees are confidential and trustworthy.”

“… each time, I’ve enjoyed a full recovery with lots of help and care (from Dr. Barr and the employees of the Centre)”

“The girls are great! (consultations, surgery and follow up appointments).”

“Most impressed with the experience!”

“Dr. Barr made me feel very relaxed, and “taken care of.” I would not hesitate to recommend the Surgery Centre, or to come back in the future.”

“I was very satisfied. Dr. Barr and staff were available if I needed them and that was good to know.”

“I wish to extend my most sincere thanks in sharing your wisdom and saving me money.”

“Thank you so much for treating me during my troublesome recuperation. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Your humour and friendliness helped to ease my fears and make this challenge less stressful. Thank you for everything.”

“Please accept my sincere thanks for the professional corrections that you made to my appearance it has revitalized my life. “

“He (Dr. Barr) answered all my questions and returned all my letters quickly, without delay. The atmosphere (medical and nursing staff) was very pleasant. Dr. Barr and his staff were wonderful. I’d refer anyone to him. I also liked that he called me “personally” the day after surgery to see how I was doing.”

“The (medical and nursing staff) are all kind, attentive and professional.”

“Dr. Barr and his staff were always there for me (re:post-operative care).”

“All staff (were) very discreet and helpful.”

“Dr. Barr is excellent with communication and has excellent manner with his patients.”

“Dr. Barr is very personable and very informative in a very relaxed setting.”

“I couldn’t ask for 2 better caring nurses to take care of me. Thank you so much!”

“Dr. Barr you and your team are the best! The care and consideration you show toward your clients is phenomenal! Even at 2 weeks post-op I am delighted with my outcome. Thank you so much!”

“Thank You Dr. Barr for making me feel so at ease.”

“The staff continues to take good care of me. I also appreciate Dr. Barr’s phone call after surgery.”

“I have been extremely impressed by the high level of care that I have received in your clinic. Thank You!”

“I was very impressed with Dr. Barr. I am shy and he was very professional. I felt very comfortable and trusted his judgment.”

“All I can say is that Dr. Barr has a great team!”

“Thank you so much for the great care and service provided.”

“My experience at the Barr Plastic Surgery Centre has been very positive. My results are beyond what I could have imagined. Thank You!”

“Excellent friendly service (in French as well)”

“I did some research and found that Dr. Barr is the best at this type of surgery.”

“Dr. Barr has a good reputation, friendly demeanor.”

“WOW! What can I say – the staff were super terrific, especially Chantal R.N. She was very professional and caring.”

“Confidentiality was an extremely important part of why I picked Dr. Barr and his wonderful staff. The professionalism of the staff was truly amazing.”

“Dr. Barr treats his patients like he has always known them. Felt good – I had wondered if he would even remember me. Staff and nurses = EXCELLENT!”

“The individualized care, personal calls are so appreciated. You do fabulous work!”

“Close to home and reviews were great. After my consult I was confident because Dr. Barr explained everything very well.”

“Everyone is courteous and pleasant.”

“I liked that no question went unanswered and everyone helped put me at ease.”

“Very satisfied (re: medical and nursing staff).”

“We so appreciated the availability of Carin and Dr. Barr when we had questions or concerns. Excellent communication (with and from Dr. Barr) I couldn’t ask for better. Everyone (medical and nursing staff) explained their role and were very pleasant.”

“Thank you both for your care and expertise during my surgery on December 14th. I experienced no after effects neither from the anesthesia nor from the surgery itself – virtually no discomfort immediately after or at any time during the past two weeks. The next step in the procedure is the removal of the stitches today. 

Dr. Barr, your staff has been supportive and very efficient; your staff answered all my questions and ensured I was ready. He follow-up calls were so much appreciated.”

Everyone is so personable and professional. I met Dr. Barr twenty years ago when he fixed my sons jaw and he did a terrific job. I should have done this sooner. I feel so much better about my appearance.

Everyone is very pleasant. Dr. Barr makes you feel very comfortable. The staff were also awesome and make you feel very comfortable.

Dr Barr and his staff are so very kind, caring and Professional.

“Nursing staff and medical staff were all very helpful and comforting. Very kind. Dr. and support staff were very available and also flexible for out of town client. Very professional yet personal surgery center. All staff very approachable and supportive.”

“I appreciate the confidentiality taken.”

The staff was very pleasant and friendly; Dr. Barr is wonderful and has a friendly personality. I especially liked the promise of strict confidentiality. Thank you Dr. Barr and staff for making this experience fun and comfortable.

“I would recommend Dr. Barr to individuals seeking a plastic surgeon.”

“Very informative (consultation process) and understanding of my issues. The entire experience was very rewarding and positive. Thank you.”

“I was very pleased with the staff, Dr. Barr and the results of my operation. Thank you.”

“Very friendly staff. Everything was well explained to my satisfaction. The personal call at home from Dr. Barr was comforting. Thank you Dr. Barr. Your staff (medical and nursing) was very friendly and made me feel comfortable during my stay.”

“I was listened to, understood, and had results I could expect explained. Had my hand held all the way – great care (surgery).”

“I feel safe with Dr. Barr. He is meticulous in his work. A great surgeon – caring. (Medical and nursing staff-comfortable?) Extremely! Carin always there – patient and efficient. Top notch nurses and anaesthesiologist.”

“Nice staff – nice atmosphere. Patient coordinators are very patient, always pleasant when answering questions. Dr. Barr’s phone call post-op is considerate and provides a more personal approach to post-op care.”

“I was confident and well informed. The instructions (pre-op and post-op) were clear and easy to follow. Extremely satisfied with the communication and special attention from Dr. Barr. The care from the medical and nursing staff was incredible (Carin is an angel!). The Barr Centre is exceptional and I would rate it a definite “TEN”.”

“He (Dr. Barr) made me feel very relaxed and positive about my surgery. They (medical and nursing staff) were very nice and helpful (even offered to keep me there overnight).”

“Carin is a super patient coordinator. She is very pleasant to speak to. I call her a lot for different info and she always has time to provide me with answers to my questions and concerns.”

“Dr. Barr is excellent with communication and has excellent manner with his patients.”

“The Staff and Dr. Barr are always there for patient care.”

“Dr. Barr is very personable and very informative in a very relaxed setting.”

I couldn’t ask for 2 better caring nurses to take care of me. Thank you so much!

“Great team! Couldn’t have had a more positive experience. I think you are wonderful!”

“(well informed?) Absolutely. There were no surprises. Any question I had was treated as a valid question. Excellent package with detailed information. Easy to follow. I was well informed. The personal call from Dr. Barr solidified for me, his commitment to go over and above. I have referred family and friends and will continue!”

“Any questions which I had were always answered.”

“I was well informed and knew exactly what to expect. Everyone (medical and nursing staff) was very nice and helpful.”

“Carin is very patient and extremely friendly. She makes you feel very comfortable both in the office and on the phone.”

“Very professional. Great facility – have had two successful surgeries, would recommend to others and use again myself!”

“The attention, follow-up and care were excellent (medical and nursing staff). All aspects of service were excellent!”

“Dr. Barr does very fine skilled work in facial and body care and refinement. Being comfortable is important that is very achieved.”

“Dr. Barr you and your team are the best! The care and consideration you show toward your clients is phenomenal! Even at 2 weeks post-op I am delighted with my outcome. Thank you so much!”

“Dr. Barr is very friendly, the staff is friendly/accessible. Military would not cover full cost of hernia repair. Dr. Barr did the repair at no extra cost to save me from future procedures.”

“Very friendly staff! Actually received a call from Dr. Barr himself the next day to ask how I was doing.”

“You have a good reputation and I had a surgical procedure previously done by Dr. Barr and was completely satisfied.”

“Barr is the best. You’re awesome!”

“The doctor was great, I had a lot of contact with the nurses and Carin, they were amazing so was the way they treated me.”

“I think the way you marketed yourself got my attention. The consultation with Dr. Barr gave me confidence in him and reading online reviews helped.”

“Everyone is courteous and pleasant.”

“As an RN whose worked all depts. of a hospital excluding O.R. and R.R. I commend Dr. Barr, surgeon, Dr. Hamber anesthetist and all nursing staff for their professionalism and excellent care!”

“Chantal is an amazing asset to Dr. Barr’s practice. Calm, reassuring, practical. Good advice.”

“After my 1st surgery people didn’t think I’d had any cosmetic procedures. People just thought I looked great 20 years ounger and that is such a gift. Dr. Barr is not just a surgeon, I think he is an artist.”

“All staff and Dr. Barr were wonderful and friendly and it was an amazing experience.”

“Your staff are all amazing! Exceeded expectations, friendly, relaxed, environment.”

“It’s great that Dr. Barr personally calls to check on patients a few days after a procedure.”

“Appreciated honest/direct feedback on implant size. Definitely lead to better results.”

“The RN was very polite and caring. She was very comforting prior to going in for surgery and made me feel at ease.”

“The barr team, all great people.”

“I felt welcomed when I went for my consultation and felt your office was right for me.”

“The staff was excellent and the atmosphere was very warm and inviting, everything happened quickly from the time I went into the room to surgery, had no time to get nervous.”

“Everything was excellent, better than I could of ever expected.”

“I was very pleased with my experience, even better than I expected. I was well prepared from other friends who had the surgery who were also very impressed. It was over the top experience all the staff were great and Chantal went above and beyond to make me well informed and so nice with aftercare.”

“The service was excellent. Could ask as many questions as I wanted. The time was taken when I showed nervousness towards the procedure. Referred to another client so that I could talk to someone who already had it.”

“Follow-up call by Dr. Barr 2nd day after surgery was appreciated. Gave me the opportunity to question recovery concerns.”

“I’d like to thank the staff at the office and the hospital. Everyone was professional and caring. I felt that everyone had my best interest in mind and I was a person not a number.”

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