Why Choose a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

There are certain provinces in Canada who allow medical doctors, such as family physicians, ear nose and throat (ENT) doctors  and gynaecologists to practice “cosmetic surgery”. With that in mind, it has never been more important to research your  surgeon’s credentials before committing to any surgery.

To become a board certified Plastic Surgeon, five years of intense plastic surgery residency training must be completed following the successful completion of a 4 year medical degree  and one year internship. During this five year plastic surgery residency, extensive plastic and reconstructive surgery education  and training is completed, followed by comprehensive written, practical and oral examinations.

Plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic procedures are uniquely trained to have an enhanced understanding of aesthetic balance and symmetry. In addition, they offer an approach that incorporates an appreciation for the current cultural aesthetic ideal in terms of facial and body appearance. During your consultation, it is important that you ask what qualifications the surgeon has, and in what speciality. Ask if they have Royal College certification in Plastic Surgery and if they are members of any societies, such as The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Do Your Research

Your research will reveal that there an alarming number of physicians who perform “cosmetic surgery” but are not trained as plastic surgeons.  Cosmetic surgeons are not the same as plastic surgeons. To present an example, a “cosmetic surgeon” can learn about breast augmentation surgery techniques at a weekend workshop and immediately start offering this surgery to patients legally in Canada. The most important question to ask when considering surgical aesthetic enhancement or rejuvenation of the face or body is if he/she has a Royal College certification in Plastic Surgery.

What do legitimate plastic surgery associations say about what to watch out for when choosing a surgeon for your aesthetic procedure?

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Why Choose Dr. Barr?

Dr. Scott K. M. Barr is a Royal College certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with 20 years of experience and over 34,000 patients.  His professional focus  is aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation of the face and body. Due to his expertise and recognition in the field, he enjoys a  continually expanding client base each year. Dr. Barr is the founder and director of Barr Plastic Surgery, an advanced CAAASF accredited surgical facility and largest private surgical facility in Northern Ontario.

Dr. Barr is an active member of The Canadian Society of Plastic SurgeonsCanadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society , the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Canadian Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, the Ontario Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada.