Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

You may feel your mirror’s reflection does not match the youthful and vibrant way you still feel inside. Many people indicate that seeing an aged, tired appearance reflecting back at them actually makes them feel  older. Everyone ages differently, and the rate of aging in facial skin is affected by nutrition, smoking, the physical environment, genetics, weight fluctuations, menopause and of course, the passing of time.

The face lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to reverse  the visible signs of aging in the face and neck by tightening and repositioning the muscles and skin in those areas. Dr. Barr’s facelift techniques effectively reduce or eliminate symptoms of facial aging such as descent of the cheeks, loss of cheek volume, deep nasolabial folds, sagging jowls, deep lines and excess fat and skin in the neck. Dr. Barr’s facelift patients report feeling more rejuvenated, attractive, confident, and youthful after their procedure.

Educate Yourself on Your Procedure

If you are considering a face lift procedure, please continue reading for further information on this procedure and what you can expect. If you have any questions about face and neck lifts, or any of our other procedures, please contact us.

What is the Facelift Procedure

A facelift, performed by Dr. Barr, is a sophisticated surgical intervention meticulously designed to counter the visible signs of facial aging. This procedure effectively addresses various age-related concerns by strategically tightening and repositioning both the muscles and skin in the face. Dr. Barr’s facelift techniques specifically target issues such as the descent of the cheeks, loss of cheek volume, deep nasolabial folds, and sagging jowls. Additionally, patients undergoing a facelift with Dr. Barr can expect a reduction in the appearance of deep lines and the elimination of excess fat and skin in the neck. This comprehensive approach results in a refreshed and revitalized facial appearance, fostering a sense of rejuvenation, enhanced attractiveness, and newfound confidence among patients.

What is the Neck Lift Procedure

In conjunction with facial rejuvenation, Dr. Barr’s expertise extends to neck lift procedures, focusing on addressing distinct aging concerns in the neck area. A neck lift involves the skillful removal of excess skin and fat and the tightening and repositioning of neck muscles. Dr. Barr’s neck lift techniques successfully combat signs of aging in the neck region, including sagging skin and deep lines. Patients who choose Dr. Barr for their neck lift experience a more toned and youthful neck profile and report an overall sense of confidence and satisfaction with their rejuvenated appearance. The procedure effectively contributes to a harmonious and balanced facial and neck aesthetics enhancement.


What are the Benefits of a Face Lift Procedure?

Dr. Barr’s facelift procedure is well suited for those experiencing the physical signs of aging, and are looking for long-term facial rejuvenation. Patients often report choosing this procedure to

  • Eliminate jowls
  • Lift and reposition sagging cheeks
  • Create a more defined and refined jawline
  • Tighten facial and neck skin
  • Remove excess skin and lines
  • Look dramatically younger

By focusing on each patient’s unique facial characteristics, Dr. Barr creates a natural-looking, dramatically more youthful appearance by lifting the sagging facial soft tissues, tightening the deep muscles of the neck, removing excess fat and repositioning / removing the excess skin of the face and neck. The hallmark of a face lift procedure at Barr Plastic Surgery is a natural-looking, smooth and noticeably younger facial contour.

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift Procedure?

Am I a candidate for a face lift procedure?

The ideal candidates for a face lift procedure are healthy men and women who have realistic expectations of surgical outcomes. You may be a good candidate for a face lift if you’re looking to achieve the following:

  • Eliminate jowls
  • Lift sagging cheeks
  • Create a more refined jawline
  • Tighten facial and neck skin
  • Look dramatically younger

How is a Face Lift Procedure Performed?

There are two main types of face lift procedures: a Rhytidectomy, which includes a Neck Lift, and a Mini-Rhytidectomy, which addresses the cheeks and lower face but does not include the neck. Dr. Barr also performs a Short Scar Face Lift which incorporates new incision techniques to further minimize incisions.

Rhytidectomy (Face Lift) incisions are well hidden in the natural creases around your ear, placed within the hair by your ear and under the chin. The excess skin and fat are removed, the underlying muscles and deep soft tissues are repositioned to restore the youthful appearance you had years ago and the skin of the face and neck is re-draped. This results in natural-looking facial rejuvenation while avoiding the pulled, unnatural face lift appearance that is seen too frequently in the media. This procedure can take between 2 to 3 hours, depending on several factors. To maximize patient comfort, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

The Mini Rhytidectomy (Mini Face Lift / Short Scar Face Lift) procedure is primarily for younger patients who have minimal aging of the neck. A Mini-Rhytidectomy improves your nasolabial folds, marionette lines,  jowling and the descent of the cheek fat pad. Incisions are made in front of and inside your ear (hidden in the natural ear creases) and minimally into the hairline. No incision is made behind your ear or your chin. This technique eliminates the hairline scar behind the ear as patients do not have aging and excess fat in the neck. This procedure if often performed under general anesthesia and takes less time than a facelift.  The recovery time is minimal when compared to a traditional facelift.

How long will it take me to recover from my face lift procedure?

Many patients find they are able to be up and around within a day but must limit themselves to only light activities for two weeks. It is fine to go for gentle walks as soon as you feel comfortable. Fine sutures around the ear are removed painlessly during the follow-up visits at 7 to 8 days and again at 12-14 days after surgery. Some patients experience bruising and swelling for up to 10 days after their face lift. Most patients are able to mask any residual bruising with makeup and return to work within 10 to 12 days. You should only participate in light activity for the first two weeks and gradually return to normal activity, including heavy lifting for four weeks.

Why Сhoose Dr. Barr

Selecting the right facial surgeon is critical to achieving optimal results. Dr. Scott K. M. Barr, a distinguished plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Sudbury, brings unparalleled expertise to facial rejuvenation procedures. With a commitment to meticulous attention to detail and artistic precision, the hallmark of his face and neck lift procedures is transformative, natural looking outcomes.

Recognizing the artistry of blending symmetry and balance, Dr. Barr tailors each procedure to each patient’s unique characteristics. His nuanced approach ensures a refreshed, more youthful appearance that enhances and compliments natural features. Dr. Barr often incorporates fat grafting and nano fat grafting into facial rejuvenation procedures to further enhance the youthfulness restored by his face lift technique.

As the founder of Barr Plastic Surgery and the Northern Ontario Surgical Centre, Dr. Barr operates within an advanced, fully accredited facility that is the largest private surgical facility in Northern Ontario. His dedication to upholding the most stringent standards of care and safety have earned the facility accreditation by both the CAAASF and the CPSO for over twenty years. Choose Dr. Barr for a Face and Neck Lift Procedure for a transformative and natural looking surgical rejuvenation achieved by a superior combination of expertise and compassionate care.

Common Misconceptions About Face and Neck Lift

There are several common misconceptions associated with face and neck lift procedures that can contribute to misunderstandings and concerns.

MYTH: Face-tight and Neck-tight procedures result in an unnatural and overly tightened appearance.

Advances in surgical techniques, particularly those employed by skilled and experienced surgeons like Dr. Barr, prioritize natural-looking outcomes. The goal is to achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance without compromising the natural contours of the face and neck.

MYTH: Face and Neck lifts are exclusively for older individuals.

In reality, these procedures can be tailored to address the unique concerns of a wide range of age groups. While they are commonly associated with combating signs of aging, face and neck lifts can also be suitable for younger individuals seeking targeted improvements in facial and neck contours.

MYTH: Non-surgical alternatives can provide comparable results to face and neck lifts.

While non-surgical procedures like injectables and fillers can address certain concerns, they may not provide the same comprehensive and long-lasting results as surgical interventions. Face and neck lifts are tailored to address specific aging issues such as sagging skin, muscle laxity, and excess fat, providing a more transformative and enduring solution.

It’s crucial to dispel these misconceptions through informed discussions with a qualified surgeon like Dr. Barr. A personalized consultation can help individuals understand the realistic expectations, benefits, and considerations of face and neck lift procedures, ensuring they make well-informed decisions based on accurate information.

Face Lift Before and After

Preparing for Your Face Lift Procedure

What is the first step in pursuing the face lift procedure?

The first step when considering face lift surgery is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Barr. The consultation process provides an opportunity for you to obtain important information about the procedure and to have all your questions answered prior to proceeding with surgery. It also enables Dr. Barr to properly assess you and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a face lift.

You should be prepared to discuss your medical history, including any medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments you have received, previous surgeries, all current medications, as well as any significant weight gain or loss.

During your consultation Dr. Barr will carefully examine your face, forehead and eyebrow area, and will assess your general health. Different surgical options will be discussed and he will explain which surgical approach would be best suited to you based on your individual characteristics and aesthetic goals.

The benefits, risks and potential complications associated with a face lift will be thoroughly explained during this consultation. The information provided at this initial consultation will be comprehensive and thorough and will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether or not a face lift procedure is the right choice for you. At the time of your consultation, a comprehensive instruction package will be provided to you that will ensure you are well informed. 

Can I combine another surgery with my face lift procedure?

Many patients have other facial aging concerns they want addressed during the same consultation. When communicating with our office to book your consultation, just let us know what else you would like to discuss. It may be possible to schedule another operation / surgery at the same time as your face lift procedure. It is very common for patients to address all the facial aging concerns including rejuvenation of the brow and eyelids. Many patients also choose to use resurfacing technologies and / or fat grafting during their facial rejuvenation surgery to optimize their aesthetic outcomes.

The Procedure

What will I need to do prior to surgery?

Prior to your forehead or brow lift you will be scheduled for a pre-op session with a Registered Nurse to review your medical history and your post-op instructions. She will review the information you will need to know in order to prepare yourself for surgery and the normal post-operative course.

Will I look “overdone” or unnatural?

One of the concerns face lift patients discuss prior to their procedure is their fear of looking overdone, unnatural, or as though their face has been obviously pulled back. Dr. Barr’s face lift technique ensures that incisions are inconspicuous and well hidden, and that the aesthetic outcome creates a younger looking you that does not appear pulled or unnatural. An expertly performed face lift procedure by Dr. Barr can take a decade or more off  your facial appearance and leave you with a rejuvenated, youthful appearance that you can enjoy for many years.


How much does a face lift procedure cost?

Pricing for your face lift procedure will depend on which type of face lift procedure you have and whether you have concurrent procedures along with your face lift.  A detailed quote will be provided to you during your consultation. Patients choosing to invest in their self-confidence and happiness through cosmetic surgery have many options available to make this investment more manageable. Our Patient Coordinators are familiar with various payment options and can facilitate the process for you.


Will I need to stay overnight following my face lift?

Face lift surgery is an outpatient procedure and you will be required to stay for a few hours after surgery. All face lift patients are kept in one of our private recovery rooms until they are ready for discharge. You will need a friend or family member to pick you up and be available at your home for the next 24-48 hours. This person should be familiar with your prescriptions and post-surgery instructions. This information will be discussed with you and your friend / family member prior to leaving Barr Plastic Surgery on the day of your procedure. 


What type of results can I expect?

After your face lift procedure with Dr. Barr, a dramatic difference will be visible in your facial and neck appearance. Deep folds and creases are diminished, sagging skin is lifted, and the overall facial appearance is more youthful and refreshed. Specifically, you will note a significant elevation in the prominence of your cheeks, as well as a dramatic softening of the nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jowls.


Will I have scarring?

Dr. Barr takes every precaution to ensure your scarring is as minimal and hides the incisions so that they are as undetectable as possible. By using the deep plane to reposition and reshape the cheeks, jawline and neck, Dr. Barr is able to provide a tension free skin closure. This optimizes the healing of the incisions. Time improves all incisions.  During the post-operative visits, Dr. Barr and his staff will discuss methods to further optimize your incisions.  These include massage, sun avoidance and silicone gel or sheeting. In addition, light based treatments and injections can further diminish the appearance of incisions if desired.

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