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Which Implants are the Most Natural?


I’ve seen pictures in magazines of breast augmentations that look very fake. I’d like to pursue this surgery to enlarge my 32A current chest size, but really want them to look natural. How can I make sure that the outcome of this procedure won’t make me look fake?

Most women who are considering breast augmentation want breasts that still look and feel natural. A common question that we get asked is which implants feel softest and most natural – silicone or saline? As you will find out from reading many of the blog posts on breast augmentation, there are some different opinions when it comes to this question.

One factor that can influence how soft and natural a breast implant feels is the pocket that surrounds the implant.  When Dr. Barr creates the pocket for your breast implant, it is made large enough to allow movement of the implant when you are doing sports, walking in a swim suit on the beach or wearing a beautiful gown that reveals some cleavage.  Dr. Barr has over twenty years of experience in creating soft, natural appearing breasts.  By following a proven program in the operating room and after surgery, his patients have an extremely low rate of “hardening” of the scar tissue pocket.  This phenomenon known as “capsular contracture” is a known risk factor with breast implants but its incidence can be dramatically reduced with meticulous surgical technique and follow up care.  Although not common, it can occur with either silicone or saline implants.

A key factor in the natural appearance of breast implants is choosing the right size, shape, profile and placement of the breast implant. Dr. Barr has access to many implants from implant manufactures that are approved in North America. When our patients have the opportunity to examine implants during this consultation process, most women believe that the silicone implants feel the most natural, and understand that saline implants ripple more than silicone implants.

During the consultation process, Dr. Barr will discuss your desired breast outcome.  He will discuss all the cohesive gel implant options, saline options, the various profiles, projections, textures and sizes.  In addition, how your incisions will be hidden and the placement of your implants below or above your muscle will be discussed.  All of these factors and the amount of breast tissue you have at the time of the procedure, determines how natural and soft your breasts feel for years to come.

Therefore the best answer to the question of which implants are softest and most natural is entirely dependent on the characteristics of each individual. During your consultation you will work with your surgeon to choose the best size, shape, texture, profile and placement of implant, along with choosing either saline or silicone. All of these factors in conjunction with your body structure will help to determine which combination of features will produce a breast enhancement that looks and feels natural.