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We know traveling for plastic surgery can be a daunting endeavor but ‘surgical vacations’ have increased over the past several years as patients find themselves much more willing to travel in order to achieve the surgical results they desire with a plastic surgeon they trust. Is a plastic surgery vacation in your future? Continue reading to discover why it may be time to take a trip to Northern Ontario!

Why Choose Barr Plastic Surgery in Sudbury?

Dr. Scott K. M. Barr is a Royal College certified plastic surgeon in Sudbury who has performed thousands of aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures of the face, breast and body.. With a vast patient base of over 64,000 from Ontario and other parts of Canada, he is well known for his meticulous attention to each detail of the surgical aesthetic experience.

The hallmark of cosmetic plastic surgery at Barr Plastic Surgery is enhanced self-confidence and body image by accomplishing your plastic surgery goals to optimize aesthetic outcome, symmetry and beauty. We appreciate the uniqueness of each patient and incorporate a customized approach to enhancing your own natural beauty.

We are with your every step of the way. Barr Plastic Surgery offers continual access to medical and support staff prior to your procedure in order to ensure that all questions are answered and you feel relaxed and secure in your decision to proceed with surgery.

Dr. Barr

Virtual Consultations: Your First Step

During your consultation with Dr. Barr, you will be thoroughly educated on the procedure you are considering, its anticipated aesthetic outcomes and all other pertinent information related to the procedure or operation you are considering. Both surgical and non-surgical alternatives are discussed to enable you to fully understand the options available to achieve the appearance and confidence you are seeking.

In order to facilitate safe consultation options during the COVID-19 pandemic and to continue the growth of surgery tourism, Barr Plastic Surgery implemented virtual consultations with Dr. Barr. Unlike medical tourism to another country where the quality and care is not known and the results substandard, the care you receive before, after and during your procedure at Barr Plastic Surgery will be outstanding. We will look after all your needs and the surgical outcome will be amazing. 

Our office can arrange for a virtual consultation through your computer. We will send you a “Doxy-me” invite for a mutually agreed date and time. Dr. Barr will connect with you through this medical encrypted software and complete all aspects of our usual consultation except for the physical examination. By using screen share he will share your office EMR chart and illustrations to ensure you understand all your options and fully explain his plan for you to reach your desired aesthetic goals. If you do not want to use your video feed, it is not required. Audio can be connected through your computer or by phone. 

Prior to the virtual consultation, one of our Patient Facilitators will contact you to start the consultation process. They will obtain important medical information including your past medical history, previous operations, medications, and allergies. In addition, “standardized images” will dramatically improve the quality of the consultation process. You will need to send these images prior to the virtual consultation, so that Dr. Barr can refer to these images during your consultation.

Accommodations and Recovery Spaces

Many patients travel from out of town to pursue cosmetic surgery at Barr Plastic Surgery. We often welcome patients from cities located in the Northern Ontario region, including North Bay, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins and all the towns and cities in between, as well as patients located in Southern Ontario and across various regions of Canada.

Barr Plastic Surgery is conveniently located only a few short minutes from downtown Sudbury and all major amenities. Patients traveling for plastic surgery will find that Sudbury is a great place to relax, enjoy diverse culture, and explore the great outdoors.

What can you expect?

Major attractions include Science North, Dynamic Earth and Bell Park

Beautiful lakes and accessible hiking trails

Top rated restaurants

Shopping malls and box stores making Sudbury Northeastern Ontario’s most popular shopping destination.

Recognizing the increase in medical tourism, a number of hotels provide special rates for patients. When making your reservations, call and inquire about the hotel’s “medical rate”.

Our patient coordinators will discuss your needs and help you select appropriate accommodations for your plastic surgery vacation. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure at Barr Plastic Surgery and live out of town, please call the office at (877) 523-4900 or email us for more information.

Packing Essentials for Your Cosmetic Journey

Comfort is key when packing for your trip. A few items you’ll want to ensure you have include:

  • Loose-fitting clothing
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Slippers and robe
  • Neck pillow

Along with the essentials:

  • Travel documents and ID
  • Prescription medications
  • Electronic devices and chargers

Navigating Sudbury: A Patient-Friendly Travel Guide

While an ‘all-inclusive plastic surgery vacation’ may not be feasible, Sudbury is quickly becoming one of Ontario’s popular go-to destinations. With its world-renowned attractions, urban comforts and four-season outdoor adventures, Sudbury has become an ideal choice for medical vacations.

Discover what Sudbury has to offer!