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Size, Shape – Profile? Choosing the Right Profile of Implant


I have two friends who have undergone breast augmentation and while they say they have the same sized implant and started with the same bra size, they have very different chest appearances now in terms of projection. Why is this?

When pursuing breast enhancement surgery, one of the most complex decisions you will make will be choosing your implants. Most patients are eager to choose the size of their new breasts but few have given any thought to the type of profile they want. While the size of an implant refers to the amount of volume in an implant (350 cc’s for example), and shape can be either round or tear-drop shaped (anatomical), the profile of the implant refers to how far the implant projects off of your chest. There are generally four implant profiles: low, moderate, high and ultra high profile implants with the same volume (# of cc’s).  Each implant will all look different based on the type of profile selected. Low profile implants have a greater base width and are the flattest in projection. These implants may be ideal for women with a wider chest width who are looking for a very natural appearance. They generally provide fullness to the bottom portion of the breast. Moderate profile implants have a narrower base width and protrude further from the chest than low profile implants, but not as much as high profile implants. They provide moderate fullness and are generally flattering on most women. High profile implants even narrower and project further from your chest. They provide a very full look and very enhanced cleavage. These implants are often suitable for women with narrow chests. Ultra high profile implants are the narrowest and also the most projected of the four implant profiles.  These implants are often used when patients have a very narrow natural breast width but want to have a lot of breast volume. When it comes to the profile of your implants, there is no one size fits all solution. You will need to discuss your desired look with myself, I will measure your chest to help you determine the largest acceptable width of implant that can be used. Though there are many factors to consider when choosing your implant, a successful outcome comes down to excellent communication with me and making choices that are right for you as an individual.