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Factors to consider when choosing Breast Implants


I’m interested in breast augmentation surgery and want to make sure I choose the right type of implant. I’ve read that this decision is more complicated than people think when researching their options. What things should I be considering in choosing the best implant for my body?

If you are contemplating Breast Augmentation surgery then you will quickly realize how many options you will have to consider when deciding on the best breast implant for you. Most women have given thought to their desired breast size, but choosing the right implant that will provide you with that look requires making several decisions. During your consultation, I will go over all of your options with you and help you decide which implants will provide you with the look you desire. Outlined below are a few of the factors that you will need to consider when choosing the ideal breast implants for your new shape.
Size Refers to the amount of volume you would like in your breasts. Is measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s)
Shape Refers to the shape of the implant. Can be round or tear-drop shaped.
Type Can be silicone or saline
Profile How far the implant will protrude from your chest.
Placement Above or below the pectoral muscle.
Texture Can be smooth or textured.