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Breast Augmentation with or with out Breast Lift? Need a Second Opinion

Can an implant alone fill in/ give volume, round shape, to sagging breasts by getting a size big enough to pull all the extra skin? while being pregnant I went to a D-cup then dropped down to a B-cup which left me with no volume + saggy breasts, recently I started doing my homework+ looking for doctors to consult with get different opinions in hopes to get my work done before summer.. Should I go with that advise or do breast lift+augmentation? I Thank you all in advance for your response.

Dr. Barr’s Response:

The goal is to restore beautiful, well shaped, re-volumized breasts

Thank you for taking the time to write your question.  As you know, your breasts have seen a dramatic change related to your pregnancy.  Associated with the increase in size, there was a stretch of the skin envelope and the supporting ligamentsts in the breast.  It appears that you have regained your pre-pregnancy weigh and as a result you have lost some of the fatty tissue that was in your breasts when you were pregnant.  In addition, many moms have post partum breast atrophy whereby they lose some of their original breast tissue after they have kids.  All these factors often result in an empty, droopy breast.  The goal in aesthetic breast surgery is to restore both the shape and the volume.  The first issue issue in achieving this goal is to assess your volume.  In a really supportive bra, that has no pads, are you satisfied with your breast volume?  If so, then your surgeon may discuss a mastopexy with you.  This is a reshaping operation whereby all your breast tissue is saved, reshaped and elevated through minimal incisions that will settle over the next few months.  If you feel that the volume is not enough, then you will need to discuss breast augmentation with your surgeon.  An implant does not lift a droopy breast or elevate a very low areola and nipple.  However, a minimally low nipple and areola can be elevated by internal manipulation of the breast tissues and no additional scarring would be neeeded on the outside of your breast.  From your pictures it is not possible to give you a definitive answer but it appears that your breasts will need to be reshaped to give you the best possible outcome.  As a plastic surgeon, I do a thourough examination including a full breast assessment.  This assessment includes many measurements.  Once this is done, your surgeon will be able to give you all the options that may be available for you. Remember, when choosing your surgeon, ask friends, family and your doctor for their opinion and results.  Your surgeon should spend time explaining your options and what is involved with each option.  If you chose breast augmentation, ensure you do your sizing and have confidence in the implant type, size and shape that you chose.  Your goal is to have the best shaped, most attractive breasts that are possible for you.  Once this is achieved, self confidnce increases significantly as well.  Take your time and find a surgeon that can achieve your goals.  I hope this information is helpful.

All the Best. Scott Barr, MD, FRCSC, Plastic Surgeon.