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What Are Cohesive Gel/Gummy Bear Implants?


I overheard a discussion about gummy bear implants recently in my doctor’s office. What are these made of and why would anyone choose them?

Many patients come to us inquiring about the latest “gummy bear” implants. Our goal is to explain what gummy bear implants are, how they compare to silicone and saline implants, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of this style of implant. The term “gummy bear” implant is a popular nickname for the type of implant that is formally known as form-stable or cohesive gel implants. These implants are manufactured out of silicone, but the gel is more cohesive than other silicone implants, and they feel and act more like a solid than a liquid. The implants retain their shape and form even when cut – much like a gummy bear. Many patients express interest in gummy bear implants because of the advantages they offer. Some patients are drawn to these implants because of their safety profile: the higher cohesivity of the gel reduces risks of rippling and leaking in the event of a rupture. Many women also like that these implants maintain their shape, come in both round and tear-drop shapes, and are customizable. Cohesive gel implants do have some notable disadvantages including the firmer feel of the implant, the increased cost and the larger incision required to insert them.  Implant placement and rotation also become much more of a concern with gummy bear implants; because they maintain their shape so well, any displacement or rotation will cause an unnatural appearance. All of the women we see some to us with a different body shape and desired outcome. It is best to consider your features, lifestyle and objectives before committing yourself to a particular implant or technique. A consultation with myself will provide you with the information you need to select the best style of implant for you.