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How much do Breast Implants Weigh?

Among the many questions that patients have about breast implants, one that they often want to know is how much do breast implants weigh? That is an excellent question. The answer is that the number of CC’s in each breast implant is almost equivalent to its weight in grams. Therefore a 350CC implant weighs approximately 350 grams and a 450 CC implant weigh approximately 450 grams. 450 grams translates to about 1 pound.

Can my body reject breast implants?

When considering breast augmentation a question on many women’s minds is whether their body will reject the implant. No not like you reject an organ. That is an autoimmune system when your body attacks its own organ. The implants do not inspire an autoimmune response. What can happen is the body reacts to the implant in a condition called capsular contracture.