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Would the Single Procedure of Alarplasty Work Well for my Nose? Or Would I Need Other Procedures?

I have a really wide nose and really flared nostrils (especially when I smile). I was thinking (and hoping) that just getting alar base reduction would make a huge improvement. Based on my nose, would I need to have other things done to maintain facial harmony or am I a good candidate for this lone procedure? (Like Tip Reduction, Etc) Thanks!

Dr. Barr’s Response:

Alarplasty alone may not be the solution

Thank you for the question.  It is impossible to give you an opinion regarding establishing facial harmony without a complete set of standardized nasal / facial images that are obtained with every rhinoplasty consultationAn alarplasty is a good adjuctive procedure, at the time of a rhinoplasty, if the ala are wide after the rest of the rhinoplasty has been performed.  Occasionally, in very limited situations, it can be done as an isolated procedure.

All the Best. Scott Barr, MD, FRCSC, Plastic Surgeon.