Enlarged Breasts in men (Gynaecomastia)

Many men struggle with a condition known as Gynaecomastia, in which they develop excessive breast tissue under the areola and adjacent chest. The condition can affect one (unilateral gynaecomastia) or both breasts (bilateral gynaecomastia), and can affect them asymmetrically.   Throughout his career, Dr. Barr has effectively treated many male patients suffering from gynaecomastia with male breast reduction procedures, also known as gynaecomastia surgery.

Understanding Gynaecomastia

What is gynaecomastia caused by? While gynaecomastia is most often caused by a hormonal imbalance, certain medications and conditions can also cause enlarged breast tissue. As an experienced gynaecomastia doctor, Dr. Barr understands how sensitive this particular subject can be for his patients, and takes great pride in being able to offer his abilities to correct enlarged breast tissue in his patients.

What are the Benefits of a Gynaecomastia Procedure?

Male gynaecomastia patients often pursue surgery in order to correct a number of issues including:

  • Reduce the size of breasts
  • Flatten breast tissue
  • Reduce the size and projection of the areola
  • Alleviate emotional distress
  • Improve confidence

Like the thousands of men who undergo a gynaecomastia procedure every year, you too can acquire the physique you’ve always wanted, and gain the confidence you deserve.

Surgical Intervention Procedure

Gynaecomastia surgery, also known as a male breast reduction, is a procedure sought by males with excessive breast tissue and excessive fat involving the lower chest.  This condition is extremely common, affecting many men from the age of 15 and older.  Gynaecomastia treatment involves reducing the size of the breasts by removing excess fat and glandular breast tissue, and takes one to two hours. The procedure often combines a surgical excision of the excessive glandular tissue from behind and around the areola, and sides and bottom of the breast.  The adjacent excess fat is removed using VASER liposuction.  This is an ultrasonic technology that allows extremely precise permanent fat removal with minimal swelling or bruising  while also facilitating skin tightening. The skin retracts after the excessive breast tissue and fat has been removed.  After the gynaecomastia is removed, you will be left with a better muscle definition, feel comfortable in tight shirts and welcome opportunities to remove your shirt in the gym and at the beach. The particular techniques used in your gynaecomastia procedure will depend on Dr. Barr’s assessment of your breast tissue, and will be fully detailed for you in consultation.

Gynaecomastia Before and After


In what ways does gynaecomastia impact the body?
Gynaecomastia presents as “swollen” or overdeveloped breast tissue. One, or both breasts can be impacted, often asymmetrically.
How much does gynecomastia surgery cost?
Pricing for your procedure will depend on whether you have concurrent procedures along with your gynaecomastia surgery and will be provided to you during your consultation. All the men that pursue this procedure are appreciative of the renewed self-confidence and happiness. Our knowledgeable Patient Coordinators are happy to spend time with you discussing pricing and your many payment options.
What is the first step in my gynaecomastia procedure?
The first step when considering male breast reduction surgery is to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Barr. During your consultation Dr. Barr will carefully examine your chest and assess your general health. Different surgical techniques and options will be discussed and he will explain which surgical approach would be best suited to you based on your individual characteristics and aesthetic goals.

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